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Curvy is Sexy - English version

Hello my dears,

I have to admit that my post about the Curvy is sexy is already over due. The impressions that came crushing in on me were incredible - oh yeah, and sexy.

For all of you who don't know about Curvy is Sexy here is the link to the website.

Back in December I received an unexpected invitation by Ulla Popken per mail. I was invited to visit their stand at Curvy is Sexy in Berlin. I don't need to mention that I did not have to think about it. So I confirmed right away. On very short notice I also received an invitation by Triangle by s.oliver. Lucky me my boss didn't mind me to take off two days that spontaneous and I quickly found a train connection and a hotel. The next days I was almost counting the minutes until I finally headed off to Berlin.

♡♡♡♡♡ Day 1 ♡♡♡♡♡

I actually started an evening before becuase I spent the night at my parent's. My train left so early in the morning that my dad offered to take me to train station in the morning. So I cuddled up with a slice of cheese cake and non stop Shopping Queen reruns to prepare myself for my adventure. In the morning I had tons of coffee and the newest issue of In Style which I just bought at the train station.

A cabin all for me ♥︎

When I arrived in Berlin I looked so messed up. I only took my straitening iron with me and some hairspray but nothing else to fix this mess on my head because I wanted to travel on light luggage. So I run to next hairdresser to get a nice hair style so that I did not look like ugly duckling next to all the models and other bloggers. After I got my hair fixed and checking in I had a quick lunch at Sushi Circle, took a little tour through LaFayette and took some pictures of the Gendarmenmarkt before I finally walked my way up to the fair.

In front of the modern glassfront building of the German Telekom there were stretch limousines taking the Curvy is Sexy visitors to certain places around Berlin for free. Inside you were greeted by a light pink carpet that found it's way throughout the whole exhibition. It doesn't matter whether it was hint to the probably most famous colour of all girls or to the German Telekom, it just matched perfectly to the white furniture and bright presentation area.

I was strolling around from one exhibitor to the other and took a close look the presented fashion but I skipped Ulla Popken and Triangle by s.Oliver on purpose as I wanted it to stay a surprise until I had the get together there.

What would fashion week be without a runway show? Of course there was one - and even several - at the Curvy is Sexy. In the middle of big exhibition room there was a runway covered with the typical light pink carpet surrounded by a white lounge. The curvy models - well not bigger than a size 12 - were accompanied by house music and a singer who was not only singing but she also walked the runway back and forth and encouraged the models to do a little dance from time to time.

After the runway show the get together at Ulla Popken finally started. There I met plus size bloggers who I only new from their blogs. For me my personal celebrities. ♥︎ The team of Ulla Popken greeted us very  friendly and we had pink cup cakes with pink frosting and our names in sparkles on it. Also we had prosecco cans with the picture of Theresa on it.

MEIN CupCake

Der Ulla Popken Bauchladen
We sat down on the lounge and started a nice conversation about the new collection, the development of Ulla Popken and some of our shopping difficulties. Afterwards we had a stroll across the presentation area and the team showed us the highlights of the new collection. At the end a group foot was taken, we got some cake pop and out design bag for the design contest. About this I will talk about in another post. At the get together I had a great time talking to Tanja and Manuela, two really nice ladies.

Meine Traumkombi mit Lieblingsmantel, Lieblingsrock und Lieblingsgürtel
Irre Kombination mit tollem Rock
klassische Bikerboots mit Weitschaft
rockige Lederjacke mit Bouclé
Totally exhausted I walked back to my hotel, got me some vietnamese food from around the corner and fell into bed.

♡♡♡♡♡ Day 2 ♡♡♡♡♡

I really took it slow that morning. The last days and weeks were so stresst that I was really happy to sleep in at last as I had to check out late at noon. I skipped breakfast and spent the morning in bed. Shortly before noon I jumped up, got ready and checked out at a point 12 p.m.

With an empty stomach I went to Vapiano and ate pasta with pesto rosso. Actually I wanted to take some pictures of Berlin but the weather was foggy and crappy. It didn't rain but still not good enough to take pictures.

At 2p.m. the s.Oliver blogger meeting started. I was the first blogger there but it didn't take long until the other girls got there and again there were some bloggers I did not meet before - new VIPs for me to meet.

Enjoying mini ring cakes and mediterranean snacks like olives and ham we were enlightened by the concept of Triangle followed by a stroll through the new collection. All together we headed off to the lounge to reserve some seats for the next runway show. We were that early that we got seats at the front of the runway. The perfectly front row feeling.

Messestand Triangle by s.Oliver
leider ist das Foto etwas zu dunkel, aber hier die edlen Glanzstücke
Messestand von Triangle by s.Oliver
Model bei der Modenschau in einem Teillederkleid
Spotted: Celebrity at the runway. Suddenly, right before the show started, Jorge (former runway instructor at Germany's Next Top Model) was sitting almost next to me. Of course we took pictures and and drew him into a conversation with us about his chices walk academy. And snap we - JennyTheodora Flipper and me - found ourselves in a short runway training. I have to say he is as friendly and charming as he appears on TV.

Jorge und ich
Back at s.Oliver we continued with their fashion highlight and received our goody bags. The lovely Lu gave me an instruction at instagram 101. I did have the account for quite some time but I never used it because I really did not have a glue about instagram, twitter and so on.

Almost at 5:30p.m. before I had head off to the train station again I got caught at the presentation area of Junarose where they had a blogger meeting. They invited me but unfortunately I had to leave, the trains don't wait for little bloggers. Sad, very sad.

So calm the travel to Berlin started so uncomfortable the trip back has been. No, it was not the fault of the Deutsch Bahn - at once - but my cabin was crowded and for horrible 10 minutes I thought I lost my phone. But thanks God I found it the depths of my bag and I was so happy it was not laying somewhere at Berlin main train station. When I got Frankfurt I was so through I did not want to take the slow train home so I stood in the ICE until the airport and took a cab from there to my parents where my car was waiting for me.

♡♡♡♡♡ My conclusion ♡♡♡♡♡

I saw so many fashion highlights and I fell hopelessly in love in a whole lot of dresses and a fake fur vest.

I was very surprised about Ulla Popken. The brand exists like forever and I remember that I bought my jeans there when I was still in school. But the clothing was never trendy, never sexy but pretty old fashioned - and not the cute retro kind. From time to time I found some single pretty pieces that got closer and closer to the common trend. Actually Ulla Popken is my best advise to give you if you need a pantyhose for bigger thighs. At the Curvy is sexy I saw plenty of leather, lingerie, bright green and great cuts. My favorites were a leather skirt, a green coat with an outstanding collar, a little black dress with pockets and leather belt in the shape of a bow.

S.Oliver is a brand that I really like to wear. Cuts and quality are always great. I do have to admit that I do not own a single piece of Triangle. The reason for that is probably that at my shopping Mekka they don't have Triangle at the s.Oliver store and only Kaufhof sells Triangle but the display is only two clothes rails with basic pieces. Nothing against basic but I rather prefer classical or extraordinary pieces. But still Triangle reflects perfectly my taste in fashion. In my head I already counted how many pieces I can get from a whole monthly salary. A never ending love story started between me and a fake fur vests. Every winter I sneak around fake fur vests but I never got me one as I always look like a "uffgestumpte Gaddezwerch unnerm Bärefell". Translated it means something like short not very well proportioned human being with a fur coat. But this time I looked great. I really really really have to get that one.

I would love to go to the next Curvy is Sexy again but I did learn somethings that can better prepare me for the next visit:
1. No short trip starting way too early in the morning and returning the day after. No, better to take some more time.
2. Don't travel on a minimum light luggage, rather carry a little more weight around
3. Business cards, business cards, business cards, I was never asked that often for business cards before
4. It's always better not to be alone. The next time I will bring either my lovely Alex and/or Sophie along.

Mich beim fotografieren meiner liebsten Fellweste, das Foto findet Ihr oben. Dieses Bild hat mir s.Oliver zur Verfügung gestellt.
So long my dears, go to bed and dream about fashion, fashion, fashion ♥︎

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